Oil Painting Classes Coming This Spring to the Desert

I'm organizing a weekend oil painting workshop for late March or April in the town of Shoshone Village CA next to Death Valley National Park. You will be able to come for a day or spend the night for both days. I'll be providing supplies and you can also bring your own for sketching, drawing, and painting. 

This course will be great for absolute beginners who have never lifted a paintbrush, since I will show you all the materials and starting techniques. If you are a seasoned oil painter, you may learn some advanced methods used by traditional landscape oil painters through the centuries that I have extensively researched.

A small oil sketch I did in under an hour in Death Valley, en plein air.

My photo of sunset light and shadow in a canyon of the Nopah Range. In this class we will learn how to paint shadows that glow.

Pineapple cactus (Sclerocactus johnsonii) with red spines, near Shoshone CA.

The wildflowers are already beginning to bloom in the southern tip of Death Valley National Park. There should be good blooms and we will take a few short field trips to see them. Sand verbena.

January rains storm and flash flooding in Silurian Valley. This should create wildflower displays in spring.

Eagle Mountain from the Nopah Range, near Shoshone CA--our base camp for exploring the desert.

There are motel accommodations available and camping, as well as a cafe. A community center will be our classroom for some presentations I will give about materials and landscape painting techniques. There will be good wildflowers displays nearby from all the rains, and we will take some short field trips to see the scenery. Natural history observation, birding, and botanizing will be encouraged! More details and dates later.

Detail of an oil painting I did in the studio based on field notes and sketches, of pronghorn antelope in the Mojave Desert,  long ago.


  1. Laura,

    Great paintings and great blog. I am now a follower. I have some ideas about how to promote your painting in nature workshops this spring! Terry

    1. Thanks Terry! That would be great to work with you to get art out into the desert more and more.

  2. The first thing you will need to do is purchase a few supplies. You need not spend a ton of money on expensive oil painting supplies. Norman Brodeur & Norman J Brodeur
    Start with the basics as you are only a beginner right now. The goal at this point is to get used to working with your support, brushes, paints and other materials. So expensive supplies will be wasted during this stage.


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